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Desert Dweller Dunkleweiss Tin Tacker


This awesome tin tacker features the label from our Dessert Dweller Dunkelweiss and the incredible artwork by Chris Lewis from Baritus Catholic Illustration. Find more work from Baritus Catholic here. This design celebrates St. John the Baptist, a patron saint of the Coalition for Canceled Priests. The beer and its label were created in collaboration with, and in support of, The Coalition for Canceled Priests. All our tin tackers are uniquely embossed to highlight the features of our labels. All our tin tackers are proudly sourced from an American manufacturer in Texas. Holes pre-made on top and bottom of sign.

Dimensions: Approximately 16" x 9.42"

Weight 4.1 oz

Beer is not included.

Ten percent of the profit from this product benefits The Coalition for Canceled Priests. 

You can also support The Coalition for Canceled Priests directly here.